Benefits of the AgriPower Systems

The Systems provide numerous significant economic and other benefits to AgriPower’s customers:
  • ABILITY TO USE LOW COST FUEL: The Systems can use a wide variety of readily available and inexpensive Biomass and many types of plastic waste as fuel.
  • COMBINED HEAT AND POWER TECHNOLOGY: The unique design of the System enables the Heat Energy generated from its operation to be reused to provide virtually free heat, hot water and air conditioning to commercial buildings and greenhouses thereby increasing the number of System applications and their economic benefits. Customers (such as hospitals, universities, prisons, hotels and casinos) that require large amounts of hot water (for their kitchens, laundries, room showers and heated swimming pools) can also obtain an upsized combustion chamber to provide their facilities with additional heat and/or hot water and thereby reduce the significant amount of electricity and natural gas and fuel oil they purchase for these purposes.
  • CO-GENERATION BENEFITS: The Heat Energy produced by the System is available as an additional and free energy source for Co-Generation applications to operate desalination and water purification equipment, ice machines and refrigeration units; and heat for commercial processes such as heat bonding and for drying paint and wood (or very wet fuel).
  • SIGNIFICANT WASTE DISPOSAL AND FUEL COST SAVINGS:Using Biomass and plastic waste for fuel provides considerable savings from avoided waste disposal fees and taxes and also produces dramatic fuel cost savings compared to using diesel fuel oil. Fuel savings from the AG-375 System are expected to provide a financial payback period of about 3 years for an on-grid application and less than 3 years for an off-grid application (and even less time with the larger Systems). Fuel savings for an off-grid location using diesel fuel oil are estimated to be $10 to $15 million over a System’s expected useful life of 20+ years, compared to a comparably sized diesel generator set, depending on the future cost of diesel fuel oil.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY; QUIET OPERATION:The System was engineered to be environmentally friendly and comply with applicable U.S. and EU permitting and zoning regulations when used with most types of Biomass as fuel. Even contaminated materials (e.g., certain construction and demolition materials such as plywood) may be used for fuel after adding a mini-scrubber that will capture the contaminants (e.g., paint and glue) during the combustion process. The System was designed to be extremely quiet; at a distance of 5’, its noise level is expected to be less than that of a telephone’s dial tone.
  • EASE OF TRANSPORT; REDUCED FUEL TRANSPORT COSTS; RAPID ASSEMBLY AND INSTALLATION; SMALL FOOTPRINT: The Systems are prefabricated, modular, skid mounted and able to be shipped in or as standard 20’ or 40’ shipping containers, making them easily transportable to where the fuel is located, even in highly remote areas (thereby reducing or eliminating fuel transport costs). They contain quick connect fittings so they can be installed and commissioned with minimal on-site construction requirements. The installation, set-up and tear-down time will only be 3 to 5 days. When all of the modules are assembled, the AG-375 System will measure about 40’ long, 8’ wide and 12’ high and weigh about 80,000 pounds (40 tons). The fuel preparation and storage area, which will vary depending on each customer’s needs, could require an additional 20’ x 40’ area. The System should be installed and operated inside of a suitable enclosure on an inexpensive cement or gravel lay down pad.
  • EASE OF USE; FULLY AUTOMATED OPERATION:The System has been designed to be easily and safely used in less developed countries by unskilled and inexpensive labor and be extremely user-friendly. It was engineered to be fully automated and operate continuously (i.e., 24/7) to produce base power and Heat Energy without the need for on-site operating personnel and can be remotely monitored by AgriPower or the customer via telephone, satellite or the Internet.
  • PROVEN TECHNOLOGIES; RELIABILITY; LOW OPERATING COSTS: The Systems rely on proven “multi-zone, variable temperature” combustion and “high temperature” Waste Heat Generator technologies that have been in use for more than 40 years. The reliability of these proven technologies will translate into low operating and maintenance costs and very high uptime periods (95%+). Their uptime is expected to be at least 40,000 hours (5 years) between overhauls.
  • HIGH ELECTRICAL AND HEAT OUTPUT; HIGH (60%+ to 80%+) EFFICIENCY: The Systems were designed to produce high electrical and Heat Energy output for their size and weight. They are expected to be extremely efficient and provide about 3 to 4 BTUs of electricity and Heat Energy for every 5 BTUs of fuel used, through the use of Combined Heat and Power technology and the customers’ use of low-grade heat for pre-heating water or heating buildings or greenhouses.
  • TECHNICAL SUPERIORITY: Comparably sized Biomass-fueled units that utilize water, steam, gasification or high air pressure technologies are inferior to AgriPower’s unique Systems. Steam units usually require difficult and expensive to obtain ultra-pure water to operate and may require around the clock engineers to assure the safety of high-pressure vessels and to prevent corrosion. The AgriPower Systems are non-condensing and will not use any water, steam or high air pressure to operate (although an optional hot water heater may be added for heating and hot water and steam purposes). In gasification units, turbine blades become coated with the contaminants of combustion, resulting in expensive and continuing maintenance and downtime problems. By contrast, AgriPower’s fully sealed Waste Heat Generators do not come into contact with, or become damaged by, contaminants. Diesel generators require the purchase, transport and storage of highly polluting and increasingly expensive and unreliable to obtain diesel fuel oil.
  • SYSTEM FLEXIBILITY:The combustors used by AgriPower have several significant advantages compared to other technologies in the market. For example, AgriPower’s combustor can efficiently operate within a stable range of temperatures from 1,000ºF to 2,200ºF. Many emissions problems arise because of chemical reactions that frequently occur in the 1,600ºF to 1,800ºF range. The AgriPower combustor’s ability to operate below the chemical reaction point enables it to operate cleanly using a wide variety of waste materials as fuel and without expensive emission control equipment being necessary.
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