From Mega Waste to Megawatts ®

AgriPower is a manufacturer of modular, transportable and advanced technology "Heat Only" and "Combined Heat and Power" Waste to Energy Systems. The Systems can use Biomass (wood, paper, cardboard, and agricultural and forest waste) and a wide variety of other waste materials, including most types of plastic, as fuel to cleanly generate on-grid and off-grid electric power (from 100 kW to 7.5 MW gross) and heat energy (hot water, steam and heated air). When used with additional optional equipment, the Systems can use unsorted Municipal Solid Waste (“MSW”) as fuel.

Our Systems are durable, reliable and well proven, with over 60 already installed at schools, hospitals, prisons, factories, etc.), some operating for more than 10 years.


The AgriPower System

We custom design and manufacture a unique and proprietary line of advanced technology Waste-to-Energy, “Heat Only” and “Combined Heat and Power” systems (the “Systems”).

Instead of Biomass and other waste materials being brought to a landfill at considerable cost or decomposing and creating greenhouse gasses, the Systems enable a wide variety of waste products to instead be used as free or inexpensive fuel to produce low-cost, on-site, reliable, base load, heated air, hot water, steam, air conditioning, refrigeration and electric power. Wood, cardboard, paper, plastic and agricultural and forest waste, with up to a 50% moisture content, can be used as fuel. Savings from avoided disposal costs and reduced fuel purchases typically provide a payback period of 2.5 to 4 years. Our technology is proven; more than 60 Systems are currently in operation (some for more than 10 years) in schools, hospitals, factories, greenhouses and correctional facilities where hot water, heated air and steam are in great demand and otherwise expensive to produce using fossil fuels.


These videos demonstrate various inputs that can be used in the heat only and combined heat and power systems
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AgriPower's biomass fueled systems provide a clean and reliable source of electricity and Co-Generation.

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Generate clean, green energy at a significant financial savings using a variety of sizes.

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The System can use a wide variety of fuels in a number of different types of applications.

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